Show Schedule


Podcasts 4 Ur Afternoon Drive


2—3pm.  upside - examines startup investing outside of Silicon Valley. Bill Baumel and Jill Raderstorf of Ohio Innovation Fund

3—4pm.  This World of Humans with Nathan Lents


· Mo We Fr - Kindsight 101 – Interview with Barbara Gruener -- Corner on Character

· Tu Th - UWS Neighbors - Make Music Harlem - 2018. Paracademia

5—6pm.  Bar Crawl Radio

· Mo We Fr – BCR #42 –  Conversation with Transportation Alternatives Organizer Erwin Figueroa 

· Tu Th - BCR #41 - "I bogarted this Podcast" with B&A from 5Napkin


· Mo We Fr – Portfolio Career Podcast Interview of  Chris Sparks & Georgie Ann Getton McKoy: "The Art of Getting Sh*t Done."

· Tu Th - Long Island History Project –  "Cynthia Shor and Walt Whitman's Birthplace" 

7—8pm.  UWS Neighbors

· Mo We Fr – Medicine Show Theatre Ensemble is going to Russia w/ Platonov

· Tu Th  - Yard Sale: Narrated Version - a musical about suburban living by Melanie Bean

8—9:30pm – Life Out Loud – SIRI

9:30 —10:30pm -- Evening Peace  with Art Davis

10:30—11:30pm.  Interview with Charles  Tolliver featuring his "Paper Man" re-issue.

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