Feature Shows

Rolf Schulte on Igor Stravinsky

UWS Neighbors: World-renowned violist -- Rolf Schulte -- talks about his relationship with Robert Craft who was a close collaborator and conductor for Stravinsky.  Music excerpts included


36th Annual NYC Parks Wreath Exhibit

UWS Neighbors visited the Central Park Arsenal and talked with three of the artists who designed wreaths made from found objects.  We also spoke with two "Wreath" experts.

A delightful way to begin the Holiday Season.


UWS Neighbors with Evening Peace

I spent a delightful evening with Art Davis and his ensemble talking about their unique approach to music and song in order to produce both a peace of mind and world. Check out other work at the website.


UWS Neighbors with Medicine Show / Platonov

The Medicine Show Ensemble is travelling to the Platonov International Festival in Veronezh, Russia with their production of Platonov. This podcast is a conversation withe the director of the play and several of its actors.